Our Story
LIOU&LANS is a designer womenswear brand.
We adhere to the "simple", "comfortable", "natural" product concept.
We pay attention to the details, the basics, the essence of the garment.
We are committed to creating a fashion brand clothing culture with beauty, love and happiness as the core.
YOURMIND PTE. LTD.is a women's clothing company that operates the LIOU&LANS women's clothing brand.
Our design
The goal of our efforts
Pay attention to design details,
Choose comfortable fabrics
Constantly exploring suitable Asian women's clothing styles
Our focus is on the Asian female market. We bring beautiful appearance to women through the design of suitable body shape clothing, comfortable fabric selection. When you feel good, confidence comes naturally, and that's the power of clothing. We hope that through our efforts, every woman can become more beautiful and confident
Our Culture
We’re on a mission to constantly explore the aesthetics of dressing,
to make every woman becomes more beautiful and confident
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our  Values
To become an influential women's clothing brand, spreading the culture of simple, comfortable and natural clothing.
To continuously explore the aesthetics of dressing and make every woman become more beautiful and confident.
True Goodness, Altruism, Growth
Career Opportunities
Dear rule-breakers, questioners, adventurers, dreamers: we want you!
Our vision

Become an influential brand of women's wear, delivering simple, comfortable, natural clothing culture.

Our mission

Constantly explore the aesthetics of dressing, so that every woman becomes more beautiful and confident