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LIOU&LANS | is a designer brand of women's clothing, The

brand insists on the product concepts of "simplicity", "comfort"

and "natural". We pay attention to details, basic elements and

the essence of clothing. The brand advocates the concept of

dressing with the body and mind to perceive the comfortable,

natural and delicate sentiment of the art of living, to enjoy the

aesthetics of exquisite life, to perceive and guide life from an

artistic perspective, and to enjoy the beauty of life naturally

between one breath and another. We are committed to creating

a fashion brand clothing culture with beauty, love and happiness

as its core.

YOURMIND PTE. LTD.is a women's clothing company that operates the LIOU&LANS women's clothing brand.

Brand Story
Simplicity  Comfort  Natural

With comfortable materials, using design Present a simple self-expression.Clothing is not only a simple self-expression, but also an interpretation of life attitude. It is not about age stereotypes, but onlyabout the definition of taste, different, butconvincing.

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Our vision

Become an influential brand of women's wear, delivering simple, comfortable, natural clothing culture.

Our mission

Constantly explore the aesthetics of dressing, so that every woman becomes more beautiful and confident